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BPO Services

Whether it’s a few records or a million records that you intend to digitize and manually enter, we at PeopableIT Outsourcing offer you excellent professional services and support, with our accurate data entry services. PeopableIT is a leader in providing data outsourcing services for the past 18 years and have been continuously supporting SMBs and large companies globally.

PeopableIT Outsourcing is an experienced offshore data entry company which possesses well-trained and highly-skilled data entry experts, who can guarantee our clients with over 99% accuracy in data entry. With the help of our data entry team, our offshore services will help you achieve significant cost-savings of over 40% and make data entry outsourcing affordable.

PeopableIT Outsourcing is integrated with best-in-class technology to automate data entry methods, by authorizing OCR and ICR technologies as part of our data entry solutions. PEOPABLEIT at present handle over 280 million documents a year.

Data Entry

  • Application Form Data Entry
  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Logistics Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Copy Paste Data Entry
  • Document Data Entry
  • Document Management
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Directory
  • Processing
  • Word Processing and Formatting
  • Invoice and Billing Data Entry
  • Product Data Entry

  • Data Processing

    • Form Processing
    • Data Processing
    • Order Management
    • Purchase Order Management
    • Transaction Data Processing
    • Records Indexing
    • Survey Forms Processing
    • Order Processing
    • Mailing List Compilation

    • Data Conversion

      • Data Conversion
      • Data File Conversion – XML
      • HTML Conversion
      • PDF Conversion
      • Forms Processing and Entry
      • SGML Conversion
      • E-Book Conversion
      • Document Conversion

      • Data Cleansing

        • Data Cleansing
        • Data Enrichment

        • Database Management

          • Database Development and Migration
          • CRM Database Management

          • Data Mining

            • Data Mining
            • Database and Address Validation

            • PeopableIT Outsourcing Executes work with a strong emphasis on Quality and Accuracy

              We at P PeopableIT, being a global data entry outsourcing service provider, make use of robust OCR and ICR technologies to fulfill the data entry requirements of our clients. Our Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies can convert over a million handwritten or machine-printed documents into electronic formats daily. With best utilizing these technologies we aim at maximizing the accuracy of the extracted data, as well as the productivity of the process.

              Quality Assurance is a rigorous process that we implement at PeopableIT. Through this, we ensure that our professionals perform thorough quality checks and enforce double data entry to verify and attain the maximum possible accuracy of data. PeopableIT Outsourcing prides itself on delivering 99% accuracy level in its data entry services.

              In an attempt to remain as one of the top trusted data entry companies in the world, we at PeopableIT Outsourcing heavily invest to provide world-class training on a rigorous basis to our data entry professionals. As an (ISO 9001:2008) certified company we are always committed to developing our validation and quality control practices to deliver the highest quality of output for our global clients at all times.

              Keeping Data Secured is our primary priority

              We at PeopableIT are an (ISO 9001:2008) certified company, and hence, we ensure that the maximum level of security is in place for all your data. We access data through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Unparalleled round-the-clock support is provided to resolve all your queries and communicate project updates.


              • In-Depth Knowledge process
              • Skilled and trained Workforce
              • Large quantity Data Entry Processing
              • Round the clock assistance
              • Accurate Data Entry Pricing
              • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
              • Multilingual Support
              • Time Zone Advantage
              • World Class Technology

              • Advantages of Outsourcing

                • Minimizing Costs and Risk
                • Approaching clients with Better Talent
                • Latest Technology-based approach
                • Focused on Core Capability

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